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Dec. 20th, 2005

I am joining the Air Force!

Ummm, long time since I last updated, eh?

Yes, I am joining the Air Force. No joke. Seriously, I am. I took my ASVAB and passed with a decent score, surprisingly. Soon as I hand them my diploma, I go for my physical and swear in.

Am I scared? Not really. I am on that three month delayed program so, I won't be shipped off to BMT until around April. It sucks because I want to go to basic sooner and get it done and over with, but meh. Shit happens. Am I ready for the grueling six weeks of mental and physical training? Fuck no but I am going to do it anyway. Do I know what job? Hells no but when I do, I'll let you know.

I'll post of course right before I ship off so peoples can write me. Gonna need all the mail I can get.  At least it is at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, TX. Only 9 hours from my Dad so he can make it for my graduation. Big step. Big choice. Hot damn. 98lb petite old me. Ya'll better keep me in your prayers cause it is gonna be rough. Biggest problem will be me being away from my computer and smoking. Poor me. I hear it isn't that bad as long as I remain inconspicuous. I sure as hell am going to try but I have a mouth on me. Gonna be hard.

Other then that, no news. Turn 21 in a month. Kid turns 2 in two months. Oh yeah. Fun times. That sums it up.

Piss off and lots of love.


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Dec. 21st, 2005 11:10 am (UTC)
I may be wrong...or at least, heard wrong...
...but some places, you're to do a hefty amount of push-ups...per letter.

But seems my li'l niece made it through Basic for the National Guard, so I'm sure you'll turn out better for the Force. I'd to have loved to join myself, but luck have it...I've a screwed back...phht...didn't make it past the physical...

Oh shyt...sorries.
I just got done watchin' Pirates of the Carribean...lol...and here I be talkin' like a pirate at 6:12am, no sleep...
I'm a crazy loon.

Merry early birthday...and a happy Christmas...lol.
...oh, and happy New Years, too...though also fairly early for that.
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